Okay let me just repeat this.

So this is about Junhyung right? Apparently Junhyung smokes.. and there were a lot of hate because of that. I understand that there are just some who are concerned for him, who isn’t? but we are talking about the hate..

So there are some who are hating on him. K….

the issue of smoking is a touchy subject to me because of how its affected my life personally, but i get where you are coming from. I was only addressing those who have reblogged with cavalier attitudes towards the issue

(btw it sucks that smoking is so prevalent in s. korea’s population :/ )

There is NO reason to hate him if he smokes, but we should be concerned for him. maybe as a fandom we can positively encourage him not to smoke ;)







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so because the effects of smoking take longer than drinking, smoking is okay? smoking is okay because a lot of people do it and they /don’t/ die immediately? caring about someone now even if you don’t care about them in the future…



actually to me drinking is more dangerous ._.

In my opinion it is too. You could get drunk and do something ridiculously stupid and die. Smoking takes years to kill you. IF it kills you.

Yep. And actually if you do or don’t smoke there’s not really much of a difference nowadays since the air is fucked up and very polluted. There are actually people that get lung cancer or whatever even though they haven’t even smoked.

and if he really smokes I doubt that he smokes a lot since he is still an idol that have lots of schedules and I’m sure he’s aware that it can have effects on his voice/performance.

Coming from a family of smokers/drinkers/heroin addicts, habits make people.

and lol at your delusions of grandeur. if one drinks responsibly, it is perfectly safe and your liver has the ability to filter out those toxins. with smoking, you are literally inhaling rat piss, formaldehyde, and other shit you don’t get from just polluted air. if you didn’t know, the nicotine acts to paralyze your bronchioli/bronchioles which if you smoke frequently, they lose function completely and your air supply is actually decreased.

and smoking isn’t harmful in the long run? tell that to my mother who is now on oxygen, which was caused by smoking cigarettes.

yeah, i’m always angry about people smoking because WE SHOULD KNOW THE FACTS IN THIS GENERATION.

enjoy your oxygen tanks, btw.

please put things into perspective before you go spouting off nonsense about something you obviously know little about.