people reblogging that picture is why fat people are constantly the butt of jokes. the reason why fat people are uncomfortable in their own skin. Why we shouldn’t take full body pictures or eat alone. why we are told (both with words and tacitly) that its not ok to show our fat; fat is something that shouldn’t be shown off and, god forbid, IS THAT A STRETCH MARK SHOWING???

Also, fat people should not be constantly told that they aren’t good enough that being thin is being healthy. we dont have to be healthy if we dont want to be. we shouldn’t have to make excuses about how “oh we always eat healthy food, we exercise just as much as skinny people”

being fat is beautiful, we have rolls, we have girth, we have LOTS of cellulite!!!! guess what it? it isn’t contagious!!! and we should be able to show it off without people being terrible about it.


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